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Edgar Ribeiro, former chief town planner for town and Country Planning Organization, India is a very senior Urban Planner having over 40 years experience and expertise in the areas of integrated spatial planning & land use planning. He was Chairman, Delhi Development Authority and was the Director of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.  He has served as a Fellow of the Economic Development Institute, World Bank, and Member/Chairman of over 15 years.

International/National Institutions affiliated to the area of integrated planning, as the Vice-Chairman of the International Society of City of Regional Planners of seven years, and Founder Member of Centre for Urban Poverty Alleviation.

Mr. Ribeiro has worked as an Urban Planning Specialist and/or Team Leader in projects like Development  of Vision plan for Lucknow, DFID-funded Kolkata Environment  Improvement Project, CBC Inception Phase Consultancy, Development  of Delhi Master Plan 2021 AD, Concept  Plan for Chandigarh Metropolitan Region, ADB/KUIDFC –funded Concept  Plan for the  Southern Karnataka Region etc. He has also provided inputs in the Study of Comparative Scenario of the Metropolis of Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad for TRF, as well as Review and Reassessment of Urban Development and Planning Regulations under the prevailing Poverty Environments of developing countries of the Asian Region for UNCHS.
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